How to care for
Wooden Flooring

Timber Floor Care

After the coating goes down it is important that you ensure your floor is fully cured before walking and placing furniture on your floor. Some coatings can take up to 10 days to fully cure so please check before doing so.

An anti-static dry mop is great to collect dust and grit as well as vacuum cleaners with a soft brush head.

As a general rule damp mop once a month with a recommended mild, PH neutral floor cleaner. When damp mopping please ensure your mop is well rung out.

Do not use any abrasive floor cleaning products. Never use a steam mop on a timber floor as that can cause cupping, movement in your timber floor as well as soften coatings.

To protect your timber floor ensure that you

  • Apply floor protection onto furniture and appliances
  • Clean up spills, drips immediately
  • Keep inside pets nails trimmed
  • Lift furniture when moving it, never drag it across the floor
  • Keep door mats in good condition, make sure they do not have rubber backs
  • Remove stilettos, sports or workwear before walking on your timber floor
  • Move internal floor rugs regularly as your floor can fade and change shades over time
  • Use only recommended cleaning products, please ask what is best suited for your floor